CDS Hot Rod Battery Box

This Battery Box is Made Frome Aluminum and Punched full of Hot Rod Holes. It will hold a standard Softail Battery and comes with a rubber strap. Leave the ears on or trim them off and mount where you want.   
List $145.00

CDS "Bug Catcher"

These handy little screens have a domed shape and are designed to be inserted into the throat of yoyr S&S carb. The base/frame is made of stainless steel. Onced pressed into place you can bolt on a traditional S&S Style velocity stack. No ugly covers over the bell on the stack! It looks good, keeps your carb debris free and will last for years.   
List $40

CDS Vintage Spark Plug Kits

These plug wires have that traditional old school look, but with a modern twist! The wire core is stainless steel with a silicone jacket, covered in cloth and a light coat of laquer to keep greasy prints off. Old cloth wires have have a copper core, which is only good to use with points or magnetos. the stainless core silicone jacket wire can be used with electronic ignitions. You get more options and the best of both worlds. Kits come in an unassembled form with 2 ft of plug wire for each side. you trim to fit and crimp. Boots and terminals included.   
List $ 44.99

Dicks Cool Unit

Kirk Taylor and the crew at Custom Design Studios have come up with a New Velocity Stack called Dicks Cool Unit. Machined from aircraft-grade Aluminum. It bolts right onto a Mikuni Carburator as is. We also offer adapters for both the S & S carb and CV carb as well. The Adapter for the CV will also work on Delphi models up to 07.  
Velocity Stack $199
Adapter $99
New - E.T.E.F.I. Adapter 08-up $150

CDS Sight Gauge Kit

Kirk Taylor of Custom Design Studios now offers a fuel/sight gauge kit to give you that classic mechanical look. With all the pieces you need in one convenient package, the installation is extremely simple. The kit includes 1/8-inch NPT threaded bungs to be welded to the gas tank, two 90-degree fittings and a clear line that will serve as your fuel or oil gauge.  Price $45

CDS Drive Side Caliper Bracket Cover

Anybody who has a drive side caliper bracket that is welded to the frame knows what these are for. The weld on tabs look great molded and painted to match the bike’s paint job. The problem is when you tighten the bolts down to their torque specifications, the paint blisters up and looks unprofessional. With these covers designed by Kirk Taylor you just put a couple of dabs of clear silicone on the backside of the cover and you’re done. They are raw aluminum so you can paint, polish or plate to your needs. To remove, just poke your screwdriver from the backside and they’ll pop out with little effort.   Price $40/Pair

CDS Generator Oil Filter Adapter

This adapter allows you to install an oil filter in place of the generator on models that have an alternator left case (knuckle, pan or shovel). This one is superior to others on the market with 360 degree indexing designed by Kirk Taylor for easy oil line routing, only 5/8” thickness so installing a long oil filter without stator plug interference is no problem. It increases oil capacity and is 1.5 pounds lighter – all these benefits for just $99.99.   Price $99.99
to order call 415-382-6662 or email

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Always dreamed about owning a Custom Design Studios creation but thought it was a little out of your price range? Now you to can own some of the coolest bikes around with a CDS replica! Exact details right down to the last nut and bolt. They are 19 inch resin cast replicas of our bikes. The line is called "Chopper Dreams", Dept 56 produced these lifelike replicas for us.

$399.00 each
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Speedway Springer
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"Heaven Sent / Hell Bent"
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